Lord have mercy on China.

Lord have mercy on our brothers and sisters in China, Myanmar, Chile, the Midwest and the East Coast (which has been ravaged by tornados). As news reports flood my mind with devastating photos and videos, dire need and faces painted with sheer horror, I am reminded that people need the Lord. I am challenged to pray for men, women and children from all nations will call upon the Lord our God. When I feel helpless, I know I can pray. God hears each prayer and will be faithful to answer.

Lord have mercy in Myanmar.

As I head out the door to make a four hour ride to my daughter’s Varsity Soccer State Quarterfinals, I will remember to pray. Silent prayers for those who have lost so much.

“Lord, have mercy.

Lord, may every men, women and children call out to You in their distress.

May they realize You are their salvation.

Isaiah 42:23 challenges us to pay close attention to You.

Oh, that we would. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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