“A human is made of flesh and blood, unpredictable tempers and personalities, heartbreaking stories and wild hopes and dreams. They are a part of an ecosystem they didn’t create and are also creating an ecosystem simply by virture of living and breathing. They exist, they are here, theyare not unimportant, the matter. But there mattering clashes violently at times with our mattering and the things that matter to us.”

― Lore Ferguson Wilbert, “The Understory: An Invitation to Rootedness and Resilience From the Forest Floor”

Listen to Tree 103 & Wisdom from the Forest Floor

Q: What God whispers are you hearing today?

Tree 103 and Wisdom from the Forest Floor
Tree 103 and Wisdom from the Forest Floor

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At the end of Part 1’s episode, I read an excerpt from “The Understory” and shared more about the deep struggles of Lore and her husband. The storms of life wouldn’t relent. Lore shared how their marriage therapist offered “A Wheel of Emotions” to help them grow in their emotional literacy. Learn more and download these resources:

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