Creating Safe Spaces

For four decades, Janell has been creating and curating safe spaces for people to gather, grow, and graciously experience life-changing truths. Her messages resound in many settings: conferences, staff/leadership training, webinars, organizations, churches, mental health professionals, and health/wellness centers.

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Faith & Mental Health

In her award-winning book, “Stronger Every Day: 9 Tools for an Emotionally Healthy You,” Janell offers life-changing mental, emotional, and spiritual tools. Areas of expertise include:

  • Secure Attachment (Identity Formation)
  • Trauma and Memory Reconsolidation
  • Trauma-informed Leadership
  • Marriage & Family Systems
  • Motherhood & Parenting
  • Trauma-informed Conflict Resolution and Non-Violent Family Communication
  • Spiritual Growth & Formation
  • Emotionally & Spiritually Healthy Relationships
  • Emotional Health in Teen Girls

Making Sure You Feel Seen and Heard

Caleb Madison, Crossword Editor in The Atlantic, writes, “I know what it means when someone says they feel heard—they feel like someone has really listened to them, as if their words have been paid attention to. I know what it means when someone says they feel touched—they feel like someone has made a connection with them on an emotional level, as if physical contact were happening in the soul.” Janell connects with audiences and communities on an emotional level, making sure each person feels seen and heard.

Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

We continue to live in unprecedented times. Let’s accept this seemingly unwanted invitation to strategically develop practices and rhythms that enable us to live meaningful lives. Areas of expertise include:

  • Mental Stamina, Clarity, & Toughness
  • Resilience
  • Healthy self-care, work/life balance
  • Rest and Renewal
  • Meditation, Mindfulness, & Movement
  • Understanding Personal Value, Worth, and Dignity

Leadership & Team Building

After a decade of specialized work in marriage and family systems, Janell has identified core qualities and capabilities that lead to establishing healthy leaders and teams. Areas of expertise include:

  • Implementing non-violent communication skills
  • Understanding the role attachment theory plays in developing strong, resilient relationships
  • Creating trauma-informed leaders, staffs, and communities
  • Developing empathic environments where people feel seen, heard, and known.

Heartlifting Messages

Listen to Janell’s podcast, “Today’s Heartlift,” and learn more about Janell’s heartlifting messages.

Ruth Njoki, Director of Children’s Joy Village, Kenya

Your heart is big and we’ve seen all the love and passion and effort you’ve put into this retreat. It is really out of this world. We didn’t expect all of this. To laugh. To cry. It is just remarkable and we will never forget this experience. We hope it happens every year.

Laura Robb

Janell offered me the space to ask hard questions, and helped me understand what was under those questions. We went on the journey together to more freedom, a stronger faith, and a deeper sense of clarity and healing.

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