Mattering consists of feeling valued and adding value, to ourselves and others. By feeling valued, we mean being appreciated, respected, and recognized. By adding value, we mean making a contribution and making a difference in the world.

The mattering effect refers to the positive or negative consequences of feeling like we matter or not. Feeling valued is a precondition for personal health and well-being. Adding value, or making a contribution, is a prerequisite for a meaningful life. The negative effects of not mattering, however, can be devastating.


Listen to The Mattering Effect, Parts 1 and 2

Q: Do I Matter?

The Mattering Effect
The Mattering Effect

This week’s podcast prompts:

After listening to Paige Allen :

  • Could you find your very own “Wintering Rose Garden,” to meditate on your identity as “Daughter of God?”
  • Did you capture any whispers from the Spirit?
  • Describe your special quiet place to us. Activate our imagination with your sensory description.
  • Were you able to create a 1-6 word phrase that describes your true essence?

Sharing My Prompt Thoughts

The Mattering Effect
“There she was. Blooming in the bricks. I heard God whisper my six-word phrase:
Janell heartlifts every room she enters.'”

I accepted the challenge and made my way to my front yard. Sometimes we don’t have to go very far to find a quiet space.

With my gardening scissors, I clipped a few blooming daffodils and thanked them for their sunshiney presence.

I sat for a minute on the front porch to bask in the sun.

As I looked down, I saw her.

A little yellow bloom bursting from the bricks.

She made me smile even more and gently reminded me that sometimes we bloom in the most unusual ways. Don’t limit God.

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