Perception defined, “The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.”While our sensory receptors are constantly collecting information from the environment, it is ultimately how we interpret that information that affects how we interact with the world. Perception refers to the way sensory information is organized, interpreted, and consciously experienced. Perception involves both bottom-up and top-down processing. Bottom-up processing refers to the fact that perceptions are built from sensory input. On the other hand, how we interpret those sensations is influenced by our available knowledge, our experiences, and our thoughts. This is called top-down processsing .


Listen to Season 15, Episode 1, and Bonus, “Shape Healthy Thoughts”

Q: Do I have healthy perception skills?

The Elusive Power of Perception

This week’s podcast prompts:

After listening to my “Two Dishrags in a Ziploc” object lesson:

  • Can you relate to a similar story or incident in your life where you misinterpreted or misperceived the outcome?
  • Is there one takeaway that you can begin implementing today?
  • How would healthy perception skills change your life? Change the way you “see” and “relate” to others.

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P.S. The above picture is from the day after I landed in Belgium. Candace had her gyn appt. to evaluate labor and delivery details. Elena Rose and I waited in the very fun, child-friendly waiting room. I love this picture because it reveals my greatest mission (Psalm 48:12-14, The Message). I am literally handing down my emotional state to my granddaughter. As I say in Overcoming Hurtful Words: Rewrite Your Story, “If Mama ain’t healthy, ain’t nobody healthy.” Now, I add, “If Grandma ain’t healthy, the legacy isn’t healthy.” Bottom line: Heartlifters, we need to tend to the garden of our hearts and make sure we are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. No light task, I know. But, I’m here to help. Join me on Substack:

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