I finally found the perfect little “I AM” box! After searching high and low, I happened upon this little box while shopping in a new Hallmark store near my house. As I ambled from display to display, looking for a gift for a friend, I saw it. Part of the WILLOW TREE line of wooden, hand-carved angels, it is a small painted, wooden, memory box entitled, “A Prayer” (pictured above). Isn’t it just perfect?

In case you are wondering what in the world I am referring to, click on the above link to my July 28th newsletter, “From Worrier to Warrior to Worshipper” and read about the “I AM” box, where worriers can exchange their “What-if’s” for the “I AM’s” of God’s promises. In that article, I suggest making your own handmade box, but for those of us who aren’t especially gifted in the area of crafts or don’t have the time to do so, this box is just perfect.

As soon as I got home from Hallmark, I quickly copied all the “I AM” scriptures (included in the newsletter article), cut them into individual strips, folded them in half and placed them quietly, one-by-one, into the prayer box. Later that day, I gave it to a dear friend who happened to be struggling through a difficult time. I can only hope it is of some comfort.

Just this morning, while working on an article about DOUBT, I read, “Throughout any life that is lived realistically and reflectively, we come to impossible places where we feel we cannot cope. They may not seem like it, but those are the healthiest places in life, but they are also the hardest. When the bottom drops out, when the pain seems unbearable, when some unbelievable event occurs, doubts arrive unannounced. Don’t deny them; acknowledge them. Those times of doubting become schoolrooms of learning. As we work our way through them, a new kind of faith is forged. It will come slowly, and that’s healthy. It’s being shaped on the anvil of God’s mysterious plan, some, of which you will not be able to explain. And that’s okay.”

This past week, I found myself doubting. Doubting why I enrolled in a Master’s Program. Doubting my ability to teach the Word of God. Doubting my worth. Shall I go on? So, in the face of such DOUBT, I turned to my “I AM” box. I turned to the Word of God upon which my life is anchored. In these times when we find ourselves struggling with the enemies of TRUST—doubt, fear, worry, control, anxiety, self sufficiency—we must turn to God. Turn to the ONE who has already conquered these foes.

God is your I AM today. Remember that your faith is being forged. You will come THROUGH victoriously!


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