It’s been a long month and a half. From the looks of my desk, you can see that
I have been totally immersed in my graduate work
(completing yet another 15 page research paper),
completion of grading the research papers of my fourteen home schooled
writing students and tallying the grades for all my writing students,
speaking at my first Exhale Spiritual Retreat at the Rivah!,
guest teaching at a new Women’s Bible Study which turned into a
passionate relationship with fourteen amazing young women,
transitioning the twins from college to home, etc. etc. etc.
The bottom line: my life has been very, very productive—
(you know how I feel about the word busy).  
Thankfully, the season of blogging drought is over and I say,
“Let the river flow.”

Over the next few days, let’s talk about this little four-letter word, flow.
It has arrested my attention lately.

Would you take a quick second and share the
very first thoughts that come to your mind 
when you hear the word—flow?

For me, it’s very late and the flow of my thoughts is waning.
But, as sure as the sun will shine in the morning,
the thoughts will begin afresh.
Be well. 
Be secure.
Be assured of God’s love. 




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