Greetings from Jolly Ole’ London!

Please have patience with my self-made IPhone Video — I’m learning, but really wanted
to connect as we are moving forward on our Lenten Reflection Journey!
I am thinking of you all and praying that the emotional weight loss is going well!
Please let me know by posting a comment. Let’s celebrate together.

Fresh Start Thought: “He lived among us.”

*Among meaning, “in the midst of in order to influence.”
Just think about this in light of your daily life.
Christ “among” your relationships, your family,
your workplace, your ministry, your friends.
As I walked “among” the throngs of people today,
I kept saying, “He lived among ‘this’.”
A great meditation as we move
through our daily routine.
He is “among” this.

& Lived Among Us.

Fresh Start Reading: John 10


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