“There are times when prayer is the only way out of our perplexities” (F.B. Meyer, Our Daily Walk)

As I sit down to write this short exhortation on the power of prayer, I sit listening to my daughter, Brooke, wrestling with a deep cough. It’s been coming on for days. No other symptoms, just a ever-increasing deep cough. In two days, she leaves for a missions trip she has been planning, preparing and praying for the last six months. Initially, I thought she was reacting to the intense effects of the wildfire smoke, blowing in each day from North Carolina. Our area has been on “air alert” – newscasters warning everyone to stay inside. Whatever the reason, I am compelled to pray. To believe God. To trust my Father on her behalf.

Have you ever felt that your prayer(s) are merely leaving your lips and bouncing off the ceiling? If I am honest, I would say yes. In fact, I’ve felt that way more than once in my life. Sometimes prayer is answered instantly. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it seems as if I am climbing a mountain that keeps growing, right in front of my eyes. As I reach up to grab the next rock, it is jagged. My hands bleed, bruise and I find myself becoming weary. Ready to quit. Finished with praying. What good does it do? Nothing is changing. In fact, it is getting worse. Much worse.

Those were my exact feeling a couple of days ago. But, there, in the midst of my prayer crisis, God sent me an encouraging word through Netflix. Yes, Netflix. As I opened my mailbox, I saw the red envelope. Hmmm. I wonder what movie this is? I opened the envelope and discovered the movie, The List: Discover the Power. I tossed the mail on the counter and went about my business. That was last Saturday. The day I didn’t live my best moment (see “Are You Living Your Best Moment?) I completely forgot about the movie. Until, Sunday night. Nothing was on television, so I mentioned to Rob that I had gotten a movie in the mail if he wanted to watch it.

“Sure,” he said. “What is it?”

“Oh, it’s called The List,” I said. “Somebody sent me an email and told me to watch it.”

Two hours later I found myself a changed person. Being the visual learner that I am, the visual feast of this movie greatly effected me. It was exactly what I needed to see. I don’t want to give anything away, but I want to emphatically say, “SEE THIS MOVIE!” See it with an open heart. I really think it will encourage your prayer life. Help you SEE the effects of a prayer warrior. George Mueller once said, “Our very weakness gives opportunity for the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to be manifested. That blessed one never leaves us and never forsakes us. The greater the weakness, the nearer He is to manifest His strength; the greater our necessities, the more have we ground to rely on it that He will prove Himself our Friend. The greater the trial, the greater the difficulty, the nearer the Lord’s help. Often the appearance was as if I must be overwhelmed, but it never came to it, and it never will. More prayer, more faith, more exercise of patience, will bring the blessing. Therefore our business is just to pour out our hearts before Him; and help in His own time and way is sure to come.”



 Remember, God answers prayers. Don’t give up!

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