“For this reason I kneel before the Father,
from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth
derives its name. I pray that our of his glorious riches he may
strengthen you with power. . .

Ephesians 3: 14-16b


The Christmas season can be so crazy. That is why I challenged myself with “The 12 Thankful Days of Christmas.” My devotional life is the first thing to go during a hectic season so I needed a slight push. . .an impetus. . .an intentional exercise. . .to keep me focused. This season I wanted to really remember Jesus. So, of course, yesterday, one thing led to another and I didn’t get to my “2nd Thankful Day” post. Thank the Lord for his grace. I thought about it all day, does that count? (Smile) So, quickly, before jetting off to the Ladies’ Tea at my church, I will post my 2nd Thankful Day thought and before I close my eyes tonight, I’ll be back on track with my 3rd!

Today, I am focusing on Ephesians 3:16b, “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power. . .” Three little words speak the loudest—out of his. I may be overwhelmed, overworked, overstretched, or overcome, but my God is never these things. The simple truth is. . . he can’t be. So, today, I am grateful for this one fact. I can pray and ask God for strength and power. Power to do the simple tasks. Power to reach out to a neighbor in need. Power to love my family selflessly. Power to do the next thing. Power to believe for the salvation of loved ones. Power to push through the pain of a debilitating, chronic illness. Power to smile and extend kindness when I want to be mean.

Friday, Brooke and I went to the passport office at the local post office to apply for her new passport. The woman behind the counter was, shall I say, unfriendly. From the moment we approached the counter, we felt as if we were intruding. Very unwelcoming. Everything in me wanted to retaliate, but knowing better, I put my faith in action. Smile. Breathe. Be kind. Speak lovingly. Brooke and I kept looking at each other. The woman even scoffed at a mistake I had made on the application. Breathe, Janell. Breathe. By the end of the process, we saw a breakthrough. She hinted at a smile. She spoke respectfully to Brooke, informing her of the rest of the passport process. As we walked out of the post office, I said to Brooke, “Lesson learned. Kill ’em with kindness. Be the bigger person.” Is it always easy? Oh, by no means. But, we do know that when we find ourselves in need of strength to do something outside our zone, we can pray that strength will come out of his glorious riches.

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