Through defined, “Used as a function word to indicate passage into and out of a treatment, handling, or process.”

Words are a potent mix of letters that hold secrets and offer life-giving truths. Through is one of those words. Look at its origin:

1275–1325; Middle English proces  (noun) (< Old French ) < Latin prōcessus  a going forward, equivalent to prō- pro-1  + ced-,  variant stem of cēdere  to yield ( see cede) + -tus  suffix of v. action; see cession
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There’s the secret: through is a going forward. Remember the secret? Sometimes life is about putting one foot in front of the other just to keep moving forward. Get out of bed. Take the first step. Move forward. Disengage inertia by moving. Oh, I am loving GO THROUGH IT TUESDAY. It makes me stop and think about the goodness of God as I place my hand in God’s and together we trace His faithfulness. Just look at the meaning of trace:

“a surviving mark, sign, or evidence of the former existence,
influence, or action of some agent or event.”
Right now, Rob and I are going through a wilderness of economic giants trying to stop us from going forward. Our family business of 23 years, Kitchen Emporium, feeling the asphyxiating hold of this declining economy.  With twins in college, me in Grad School, and life, its really not the best time (smile) for economic giants to pay us a visit. YET, just this morning, while musing over this post, I read Deuteronomy 2:7 (NIV):

“The LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands.
He has watched over your journey through this vast wilderness.
These forty years the LORD your God has been with you,
and you have not lacked anything.”

I’m making this scripture mine right now:

“I am YOUR God, Janell. For 51 1/2 years, I have blessed the work of your hands.
I have watched over your journey from child with an alcoholic father, to
misguided steps during your adolescent years, to very treacherous places
in your high school/college years, to bad choices in young men,
to unhealthy eating & anorexic tendencies, to desperate attempts
to get approval & affirmation, to sick children with severe food sensitivities,
to insane ambition, to peaks and valleys with depression, and so much more.
I HAVE SEEN YOU THROUGH these last 23 years of business, and
I WILL CONTINUE TO SEE YOU THROUGH-all the way to the Promised Land.
Forget not all your daily benefits, Janell, and TRUST THE THROUGH EXPERIENCE.
And, remember, you have never lacked. Not once.”
-Love, Your Heavenly Father

Need help getting THROUGH today? Take Deuteronomy 2:7 and TRACE THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD in your life. How has God “watched over your journey through the wildernesses of life?” This short remarkable exercise has enlarged my capacity to trust in Jesus right now. Remarkable. And, as always, if you feel so led, will you share some of your THROUGH EXPERIENCE with us? Stories help others keep moving forward.

Never forget the foundation of this message:
The process is the work. It has to happen in order for us to become
WHO God originally intended us to be.
I hate the through experience, but it has to happen.
Clarity comes after continued forward movement through clouds of confusion
and the cacophony of voices. At the end of the through experience is
complete freedom in Christ, joy unspeakable and full of glory,
& a peace that passes all understanding.

Fill out the info below, and I'll send you a link to download the PDF interactive guide, "Why Am I So Angry?" I believe that if you put in the hard work + intentional application of these principles + spiritual fortitude into this healing practice, you will move into a far more meaningful life.

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