*Happy Fresh Start Friday! Down and out with bronchitis, so this week I’m writing not taping (you don’t need to hear me cough!)

“We live in a world which is full of misery and ignorance, and the plain duty of each
and all of us is to try and make the little corner he can influence
somewhat less miserable and somewhat less ignorant than it was
before he entered it,”
-Thomas H. Huxley

Say the word “corner” and so many images pop in my brain. The Corner Bakery in Chicago. The Corner Market. The house on the corner. It’s just around the corner. Let’s walk to the corner and back. A child standing with their nose in the corner. Today, let’s talk about “our little corner in the world.” As you know, we’ve been dedicating the past few Friday’s to the powerhouse word, influence. I can’t stop thinking about it, actually, as it has stirred my awareness and dedication to intentionally impacting my sphere. My little corner of the world. Sometimes, more than I care to admit, I dream of living in “other corners” in the world: St. Andrews, Scotland; The Amalfi Coast of Italy; Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and so many more. But, God has strategically placed me right here in Virginia, for right now, at least!

Sometimes, the word “corner,” conjures images of homeless men and women who stand on the corner begging for help. One can’t help but think, “How on earth did they end up on this corner?” Last Christmas, I read the story of author Andy Andrews, The Noticer, in which he shares his journey from eighteen-and-homeless-living-under-a-pier to affluent, motivating man of God. My writing classes joined me and allowed the influence of his story prod them to begin “noticing” life in a whole new way.

Two of Andy’s other books have influenced my life, as well: The Butterfly Effect and The Final Summit. Andy speaks on the influence one butterfly has on the world:


and from his recent release, The Final Summit, one powerful secret that can influence greatness:

Andy Andrews is a master storyteller. With the golden thread of biography, his prose drips with the wisdom of ages. A profound reading experience for every single member of the family. As Andrews unites great men and women from the annals of history, I just couldn’t help but be inspired to go out and influence my own little corner of the world.

On a closing note, as I was saying goodnight to this day, I read my daughter Candace’s blog. Written hours ago from somewhere in Nepal, it just so happens she was thinking about “corners” today. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thousands of miles apart, yet on the same page. We all have a corner of the world. Let’s allow our river of influence to flow.

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