Let God Take Your Breath Away

Come Holy Spirit. Light the dark places.

This past Sunday, God took my breath away. And, my husband’s as well. The Holy Spirit swept into a beautiful, yet very ordinary, sanctuary, and dusted a corporate body of worshippers with heavenly dust. Under the oh-so-skillful-David-like-direction of worship leader, David M. Edwards, we sang a song I’ve never heard, “Majesty” by Delirious. Now, I found out this song has been out a while, but I haven’t heard it. Why? Because on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011, God wanted Rob and I to hear it for the first time. One particular line deeply affected me: Empty handed, but alive in Your hands. I couldn’t get pass it. I wanted the song to get stuck on that line.

Look around today. Everywhere I go, people are not empty handed. No, their hands are full of shopping bags. And, on an even deeper level, over the last year, as I have listened and caught the tears of many very broken people, their hands are full of broken dreams, broken relationships, broken hearts, broken children, broken physical health, and oh so much more.

My hands have been full of brokenness this year, as well. But, this past Sunday, I felt alive for the first time in a long time. So when I heard that one line, I wanted to scream it. And, if you know me, sometimes I just might do that in a corporate worship service. But, this time, it was just me and God. My hands are empty. I got nothing. I want nothing. I know I am nothing, without the grace and mercy of my Jesus. In him, I truly am fully alive.

So, when I find something so special, I want to share it with you. Here is a six minute and thirty two second ADVENT MOMENT (smile). Download it on ITunes and sit somewhere, a parking lot, a red light, a stop sign, etc., and let the Holy Spirit sprinkle some of that heavenly dust on you.

And, at the end of this beautiful song, listen to the corporate body worship
without the voices of the leaders —- that is the power of unity. Imagine IF we,
the people of God, could harness that unity. Glory to our God.


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