So, I woke up this morning thinking, “You know each of my weekly changes has many, many layers.” Oh how true when it comes to yesterday’s revelation about being done with measurements. Early this morning, I thought, “This whole measuring thing is interesting, isn’t it?” There in the privacy of my bedroom, tucked under layers of warmth, I had a great little conversation with myself.

Measure defined means, “Dimensions, quantity, or capacity as ascertained by comparison with a standard.” So, you see, there is a standard involved when it comes to measurement.

I am 5’10 (although annual physical has me losing height), weigh ________ (smile), etc. The standards, for optimal health and wellbeing, of “what I should weigh” at my age and height are set. In order to avoid heart disease, my waistline ought to be such and such (WeightandWaistline). These are good standards meant for my good. But, if I allow these standards to begin ruling my life, i.e., making them unhealthy, rigid rules, that is where I move into that “yoke of slavery” spoken about in Galatians 5:1. The only standard that ought to rule and reign is the standard of God’s Word, which when followed as intended by the powerful Triune God, leads us to freedom via the means of grace and love. How freeing is that?

So, back that weight and waistline chart. As a 52 year old woman, post-menopause (did I just put that on the blogosphere?), my waistline has a life of its own. Now, I’ve never had a little waistline. Only when I starved myself back in 1982 for my second stint in The Miss Virginia Pageant. Even then, it was no Scarlet O’Hara. Yet, knowing what I know about the correlation between weight and waistline, I’d like to do what I can do. According to the experts, “If you carry fat mainly around your waist, you are more likely to develop health problems than if you carry fat mainly in your hips and thighs.” Great. Love the experts.

So when I heard the mighty Dr. Oz was hosting a show about melting your waistline, I wrote that down on my schedule. Monday, on his show, he revealed five secret remedies for melting fat off your butt, chest, waistline, thighs, and overall body. One particular remedy, Raspberry Ketones, sounded doable. I think I’ll try that. So, with Google as my friend, I searched, found it, and ordered it. Yesterday, while running errands, I decided to do an experiment.

“Just how powerful is Dr. Oz?” I said as I drove up to the GNC Store. Seconds after I walked in, the clerk asked, “Raspberry Ketones?”

“I knew it!” I smiled. “Yes, I am looking for them but honestly, I am conducting a little experiment on the power of Oz.”

“Oh, yeah, he’s powerful. I’m sold out. The warehouse is back-ordered three weeks. Incredible, huh?” he remarked.

I laughed all the way to the car. Of course, Oz is laughing all the way to the bank as are all those who manufacture Raspberry Ketones.

“Can you imagine,” I told my husband, “if Dr. Oz would just mention how good brand new kitchen cabinets are for your kitchen (we own a mom and pop kitchen design showroom, hard-pressed since the housing bubble burst)? Or how everyone should read Rock-Solid Families?”

And then, with all sobriety, I thought, “What if we did everything Jesus said to do for a healthy, abundant life? What if, at 4pm every day, we tuned in and listened to Jesus on national TV? What results would we see in our lives?”

It’s just a thought.

P.S. I’ll keep you posted on the melting fat!

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