Finally, we conclude our time with Hannah and 1 Samuel 1 & 2.
Now, I seem to always return to my dear friend, Hannah, (I just
know we’ll be sipping tea in heaven, right?) because she has
so much to teach me. Layer and layers of rich delicacies of truth.
Today, our fresh word is 1 Samuel 2:9b,
“No one will succeed by strength alone.”


Philippians 4:13,
“For I can do everything through Christ,
who gives me strength.”

P.S. My trainer reminded me that in strength training, slower is better. Is that why our trials and tests seem to move so slowly? Last so long? The slower the better. More strength in the long run?

[strength, Greek root, endynamoō, meaning
to endue strength. Endue meaning
“to invest or endow with some gift, quality, or faculty.”]

Hannah learned that in her own strength, she couldn’t do a thing.
Only in Christ’s strength could she endure the provocations of Peni,
put one foot in front of the other on a daily basis,
conceive, bear, and give away her first-born son.

What do you need strength for today?
That endynamoō strength? Look at the root of this word:
DYNAMO! Woo Hoo!
Open your heart towards heaven and receive endynamoō strength.


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