Can you smell rain? Bermuda, August 2005

“IF I cannot catch ‘the sound of noise of rain’ long before the rain falls,
and, going to some hilltop of the spirit,
as near to my God as I can,
have not faith to wait there with
my face between my knees,
though six times or sixty times I am
told ‘there is nothing,’
till at last there arises a
little cloud out of the sea,
then I know nothing of Calvary love.”
If by Amy Carmichael

Read through 1 Kings 18, especially v. 41

Bermuda Sky, August 2005

Bermuda Sky, August 2005

How long have you been waiting before the Lord?
Today, through the power of Elijah’s story,
we are encouraged to keep waiting, for one day,
a “little cloud will arise out of the sea.”
It is desperately hard to wait for that darn little cloud,
but we can do it. Ok? Keep praying. Keep looking for that little cloud.

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