Once every year
We look back. We look forward.
Ask, how did we do?
New Year Haiku

As 2014 unfolds, I’ve heard many people talking about choosing their “one word” for the year.

On January 1, while sharing a celebratory dinner for Rob’s birthday (I love my New Year Man!), we started discussing what our one words might be.

Candace asked, “What’s your one word, Dad?”

Without blinking an eye, he said, “Efficiency.” We were all a bit stunned, because he is the most efficiency-conscious man we all know. He has to be. His profession as a kitchen designer/contractor demands it of him.

“What’s yours?” he asked Candace.

“Discipline,” she smiled. Once again, we were all a bit stunned, because she is quite disciplined. She puts me to shame with her intentionality and discipline as a writer. I admire her so much.

“Grant, how about you? Do you have one word for this new year,” we asked.


“Silence,” he answered, without a second’s hesitation.

We all smiled, because Grant personifies, “the strong, silent type,” of a man.

“Why silence?” I asked.

“Because the less you say, the more you hear.”

Well, who can argue with that?

“So, Mom, what’s yours?” Candace asked.

At first thought, the word “light” came to mind. Having just finished teaching a retreat on the subject of light/darkness, I was in love with studying light. But, for some odd reason, it didn’t resonate. Another word that had been rolling around in my head was more. But, that didn’t settle in the right spot, either. So, my answer was simply, “I’m gonna wait and see.”

After two long weeks, the word came to me. Well, actually, it came to Candace who then gave it to me. Every time she comes home, I feel like I drive her crazy with questions about how I can do this or that with my writing and speaking. She knows so much and is connected so beautifully to the writing craft.

StreamliningNotebooks(Years of writing projects finally organized,
all in my effort to streamline.
It’s time (and I’m talking to myself, here), to roll up my sleeves,
stop being a jack of all and master of none,
believe in myself, and
get some work done. As I say to you,
“It’s never to late for a fresh start.”)

“Mom, you need to streamline,” she spoke. Her new role as my life-coach has been much appreciated, trust me. It’s amazing how our children grow up and become our teachers. Yet, children are always our teachers, aren’t they? (We’ll come back to that in a later post.)

This one word has brought a surprising, very deep, overwhelming sense of liberation.

I’ve (well, I should confess, Candace) has helped me “streamline” to this very place. One website.

It was hard to do, as I am an overdoing-everything person, but we did it. Ten very long hours +. I am most grateful to my first-born daughter.

All that being said, I will be blogging, writing, processing, living life…right here from this day forth. IF you’ve been following me on janellrardon.wordpress.com, that is gone. Thank you for your years of support and faithful following. But, today is a new day. Please consider subscribing to this blog. I promise you many GREAT resources and freebies. The liberation has totally revived my creativity. It has been a long-time coming, but I am FILLED to overflowing with gratitude.

Clipping "Stay Tuned"  word on white background

Stay tuned, because I have much work to do on this new site. Pages are being crafted and brand-spanking-new materials are on their way. For now, enjoy streamlining life with me.

Is there anything you need to streamline? It’s all encompassing-spirit, soul, and body. Do share! We’d love to hear. AND, spread the word to your friends. Let’s make 2014 a stellar year!

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