So, I confessed one of my annoying one-liner lies, “You are not enough.”

Have you thought about yours? What one-liner lie tries to keep you from fulfilling your destiny and living the abundant life promised to each of us (John 10:10)?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Monday’s post and wanted to really understand more about that little word, enough.


Defined, enough means several different things:

  1. adj., occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations <enough food for everyone>
  2. adv., in the amount needed : to the necessary degree; to a degree that is not very high or very low : to a reasonable extent
  3. sufficient.

For me, I know the root of my feeling “not good enough,” stems from pageants and competitions. First runner-up. Good enough to place, but not good enough to win.

But, now that I am 54, it’s time to rally the mental troops and say, “Enough is enough.”

Yes, enough is definitely going to be enough.

When I truly feel as though I’ve done my best, given my best effort, and done “enough” in a situation, circumstance, or relationship (as defined in #1 of our definition), I am going to rest in that truth. I can’t do or give anymore than that. And when I “am” enough (having given 100%), I’ll have to let GOD take over and come in with His amazing “MORE THAN ENOUGH” power.

I’m not sure this means as much to you as it does to me, but I hope so.

The bottom line is simple: say goodbye to debilitating one-liner lies and say hello to becoming a whole and healthy person who operates from healthy thoughts and behaviors!

To celebrate, I did one farewell mirror-cise today.


I clouded up my mirror with an overabundance of cleaning spray. All I could see was a very blurry shadow of myself.

This is what it is like when I allow the one-liner lies to cloud my true self. I am only a blur of what God intended.

But when I wipe away the blur, I can see a true reflection of who God made me be.

And that is enough.


Praying, we usually ask too much. I know I do. Sometimes we even demand. I think I am learning to ask enough for the moment–not for the whole year, utterly veiled in mystery; not even for the week, the month ahead; but just for today.

Jesus said it all when He told us to pray: ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’

That bread is not only material, it is spiritual; in asking for it, we ask for a sufficiency of strength, courage, hope and light. Enough courage for the step ahead–not for the further miles. Enough strength for the immediate task or ordeal. Enough material gain to enable us to meet our daily obligations. Enough light to see the path–right before our feet.”
Faith Baldwin, Many Windows, Seasons of the Heart

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