Spring Awakening

This is the miraculous time of the year when nature reflects the awesome power of Christ’s resurrection.

Everywhere you look, little green buds are pushing their way through the bark of plants that actually look as though they could be dead.

After their long winter’s nap, they awake, welcoming all of us to join them.

Celebrating Spring

Today, I am reflecting on the beautiful new life that God has given my mother, Millie. This time last year life was rough for her. There were no green sprigs budding on the trees.

But after a very long winter’s nap and a few surgeries and rehabs, I am here to report that last week she celebrated her 86th birthday. What a joyous time of remembrance. We had so much to celebrate!

Holy Week: Monday Meditation

And today, if Dad were still with us, they would be celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary (I believe that is right). Wow. So, April has given us a great deal to remember and celebrate.

Like a Child

Holy Week: Monday Meditation

Poet Rainer Maria Rilke once wrote, “It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Maybe you’ve been experiencing a long winter season. My prayer for you is that Spring will spring again and without any notice or announcement, you will one morning wake up and look outside. There they will be…little green buds sprouting their heads.

It is Springtime. May the resurrection power of this new season surround you on every side.

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