“A tree that allows birds to nest in it should never
complain about its shred leaves.”
Vikrant Parsai

A New Nest!

The doorbell rings.

“Hey, can you move the wreath?” my husband asked. He was preparing to power wash the front porch and didn’t want to make a mess of the new summer wreath hanging on the door.

“Sure,” I said. “Give me a minute.”

Carefully, I unhooked it from the hanger. As I turned to set it down in the foyer, I saw it.

A big, beautiful bird’s nest bulging from the center of the wreath.

“OH! Look!” I exclaimed. “It’s a nest! And, wait…there are four beautiful little eggs inside.”

“Okay,” he said, “Put it back up. We don’t want to mess with that.”

“For sure,” I said. “Momma Bird would not be happy with us.”

The New Nest with Author Janell Rardon“Isn’t that something,” I smiled. “Remember how birds nested on the front door wreath at our old house?”

Year after year, birds would find their home in the wreath on our front door. By the end of the nesting period, our front door (and porch) was an absolute bird-poopin’ mess. Every time we opened the door, they’d fly away and scare the living daylights out of us.

We loved it, though. As a home school family at the time, it was Science 101.

So today, when I saw this miracle, all I could do was laugh.

Isn’t God good? After a week of writing about the empty nest and the empty, empty nest, God leads a little bird family to nest on our front door once again.

We’ve lived in this house for going on nine years and birds have never nested on our front door. Why now?

A Kiss from God

Call me hyper-sensitive, overly zealous…whatever you’d like (smile).

I am all of those things, it’s true, but most of all, I know that there is a real God who sees and hears and knows every little detail of my life — and yours.

Today, he decided to look down from heaven and blow a kiss.

I’m with you. Yes all of your little chicks have flown on to build their own nests, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with you! You are going to continue being part of helping others’ build their nests.

The greatest part of this whole little story is that my mom gave me the wreath. She entered a raffle at her new nest (Emily Green Shores) and was thrilled to give it to me. I had so much fun adding and embellishing the decor (because I like everything overdone, I suppose) and loved the fact that she won it for me. Something special was sprinkled on this wreath, I think, because it invited a beautiful little family of birds to nest and rest on its’ branches.

What little surprises came to you this weekend? Did an ordinary household maintenance result in a “have eyes to see” discovery? If so, would you please share it with us? Seeing and hearing about such things just makes life a better place to be, doesn’t it?

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