The promise of prayer stills the swirling waters of anxiety bubbling in the soul.”

Anxiety defined, “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”

The Promise of Prayer

Yesterday, I stopped by to give my Momma a hug before heading off to Charlottesville (Monday) for my upcoming surgery and to drop off her brand new and very shiny fuchsia walker. A girl needs her bling.

The Promise of Prayer

While standing in the foyer, the Director, Joanne, walked up and said, “I’m going to be praying for you, Janell.”

“Oh, thank you,” I said. “I will take all the prayer I can get.”

“Your mom will keep us posted,” she smiled.

A Lesson from Momma

The greatest thing anyone can do for God or man is pray” (S.D. Gordon).

A couple minutes later, Joanne comes running out of her office,

Janell…your Momma gave me the greatest gift the other day…I was talking to her about how I try not to tell anyone I am going to pray for them unless I really am going to pray for them. But, sometimes it is really hard to remember. Your mom said that in her prayers, she tells God, ‘Please remember all the people that I promised I would pray for today.’ Isn’t that great?”

“Yes, I love that,” I said, turning to my mom. “Why haven’t you ever told me that golden piece of advice?”

The Power of Prayer

Prayer doesn’t change the purpose of God, but prayer can change the action of God” Chuck Smith (Note: S.D. Gordon penned a similar quote).

The Promise of PrayerShare this with someone today.

Do you believe in the power of prayer?

  • Would you be so kind as to share with us why you do?
  • How have you been impacted by the prayers of others?
  • Or perhaps by praying for others?
  • Do you have a favorite prayer?

I would never claim to be an expert on the subject of prayer, but I have a voracious appetite for learning more about prayer and I am 110% confident that there is no greater power on the face of earth than the power of prayer. I completely agree with the words of Chuck Smith and S. D. Gordon that “prayer can change the action of God.”

Hmmmm…….if this is indeed true, than I will continue to pray for a brand new esophagus where each and every little nerve and muscle works perfectly. Amen.

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