I Believe in God

What Do I Believe, Anyway?

After a late Sunday evening of pummeling rain and wind here on the East Coast, we woke up this Monday morning to sunshine. Thank you, rain showers, for washing away the pollen!

A few weeks ago, during an interview, my soul felt as pummeled as the ground during yesterday’s rain showers. When asked many questions about my theological beliefs and stance, my mind went blank. It was humiliating and baffling.

I knew the answers, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find a coherent thought.

Having shared my journey of faith during the interview—which includes being raised Catholic, being saved in college, being part of a Charismatic church, and ultimately, resting in the Presbyterian denomination—I was asked, “So, is your theology Catholic, Charismatic, or Reformed?”

Blank. Blanker. Blankest.

I came home in a puddle of self-induced shame (my default behavior), resigned to sit down, write down, and ultimately, know what I believe.

Learning to Wait Patiently

I Believe in God.

The next couple of weeks, I kept thinking about that interview. Why did I go blank? I shared my fretting with a friend and she simply stated the facts: You don’t test well.

“Yes!” I cried. “I don’t. You are exactly right. Never have.”

Yet, I want to test well, particularly when it comes to who and what I believe.

And, then, a couple days ago, I finally sat down to fill out the thirty-some pages of paperwork necessary for becoming a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (whew, that is a mouthful). I’m heading towards Board Certified MASTER Professional Life Coach (just had to let you know, smile), but for now, this is Step One.

Believe it or not (pun intended), smack dab in the middle of the application process, it requires defining my theological beliefs and stance. Yep, right there in black and white.

SO, I sat myself down and examined. It felt so good.

I finally had answers to that one specific interview question, “So, is your theology Catholic, Charismatic, or Reformed?”

“Yes. Yes. And, yes some more,” I said out loud, right at my desk.

I am who I am. My journey of faith, which I wholeheartedly believe has been God-led, has taken me through several belief systems and because of that, I am a product of all of them. My Catholic roots grounded my belief in an Almighty, powerful, omniscient God, my Charismatic roots energized and empowered me, and my Protestant roots fortified and solidified my understanding of what Jesus did for me on the cross at Calvary.

And yet, the bottom line for me is still this simple: Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

What Do You Believe?

In a savvy, slick culture dressed beautifully in spiritual gray, I want to be a woman who knows what she believes.

With Atheism on the rise, the volatility of ISIS, and so much more facing Christians today, we must know what we believe and gather with others who believe. We need each other.

Most Importantly, I Believe in You.

This past year, after your help and a great deal of soul-searching on my part, I have concluded that I have one passion: empower women to know what they believe in order to help them leave a God-sized legacy of passion, purpose, and presence.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking more about this, but I’ll tell you one thing: I’ve never been more certain (this means, I believe) of anything.

I’m dedicating the third act of my life to the ministry of counsel and writing. As I said before, in a savvy, slick, spiritually-gray culture, it is imperative that we, women of faith, make intentional decisions about our legacies.

We must be spiritually strong, emotionally healthy, and relationally mature.

Will you consider joining this community of women, committed to leaving a God-sized legacy of passion, purpose, and presence?

Subscribe today to The Legacy List and get free access to my legacy hope chest—filled with inspiration, instruction, and insight. We need your voice. PLEASE share with your family, friends, and church family.

My promise to you? I won’t waste a precious moment of your time. Everything coming your way is to help you develop your God-sized potential and capacity in order to help you leave a God-sized legacy.


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