29 Days to Greater Joy...Guaranteed!

The Gratitude Experiment

Yesterday we launched our “29 Days to Greater Joy…Guaranteed!” Gratitude Experiment. Read all about it right here: The Gratitude Experiment. Please consider joining us as we open our eyes and hunt for (1) Moment of Gratitude every day this month. The practice of gratitude yields a tremendous increase in JOY. It’s a proven fact. By subscribing to our weekly e Newsletter, Remarkable Living, you gain access to additional resources that will help you along on this journey. Nothing but INSPIRATION will enter your inbox.

The Gratitude Journal

Daily writing. According to psychological research, writing regularly can provide a sense of control and optimism, help individuals organize and structure their thoughts and feelings, and provide positive emotional, biological, and social effects. It seems, then, that writing might just be one of the simplest and cheapest ways to significantly boost your happiness, self-esteem and productivity—all of which you’ll need to bring you closer to the career and personal life you’ve been dreaming of as a busy entrepreneur or professional.
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Part of this journey is taking a minute or two to actually write down your (1) Moment of Gratitude. If your new at this practice, treat yourself with our handcrafted, beautiful, Be Remarkable Journal. Here’s an example: Today’s (1) Moment, by Yours Truly:

29 Days to Greater Joy...Guaranteed!

Day 2, Gratitude Moment: Sometimes Limitations Bring Liberation

Embracing a Limitation could actually drive creativity.”
-Phil Hansen, Embrace the Shake, Ted Talk

My surgeon told me to walk as much as possible.

“It will rewire and reconnect your brain and back,” he said. “Best thing you can do in your recovery is walk.”

I’ve always loved to walk, but over the past few years, arthritis set in to the metatarsals of both my feet (all those hard core tap dancing days) and so walking for any great length of time became painful. But, I found a great pair of not-so-stylish walking shoes that seem to cushion my feet in all the right places so that I can walk and rewire!

So this morning, I set out to walk. Within minutes, I came across this obtrusive speed limit contraption set up by my local police department. I’m assuming there’s been some “speeding” in the neighborhood. Not sure, but I found it interesting. Upon first glance, I thought, “This is my gratitude moment for today.”

I am grateful for limitations.

In the past, I loathed this word. Please don’t judge me, but I thought limitations were for slackers. Type-B personalities. I’ve always prided myself in being ambitious. Goal-oriented. Success-driven. But, Time has taught me that my halo of high achievement left me extremely frazzled and fractured and often, falling apart at the seams.

But after last year’s jarring diagnosis of Achalasia and ensuing surgery/recovery and then this year’s demand for back surgery, I’ve found a deep sense of peace I’ve never known before. The limitations have actually led me to an incredible liberation.

Inside the quiet, sacred space of rest and recovery and waiting, my deepest desires and passions have become very, very clear and as a result, I feel far more intentional about my life than ever.

Thank you, God, for loving me enough to show me that limitations are a good thing. Amen.

Now, it’s your turn.

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