Meet the Remarkable Lea Turner, Mom, Writer, Blogger

I met Lea years ago. Her quiet demeanor and warm, wise eyes indicative of remarkability.

I remember Lea sharing her dreams of serving God through her gift of writing. She and her family moved to Alabama and we lost touch. Last year, she emailed me to say she had received a packet from a writing conference that included a sample one-sheet by yours truly—yes, me! God moves in mysterious ways. It seems He was reconnecting the two of us.

I thought this month was the perfect time to introduce you to Lea and shine a little light on Lea’s insights into mothering. Her empathic voice + passion for God + wisdom beyond years = inspiration! Grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and drink in this cup of encouragement. I know you will want to know her more, so visit her blog, A Heart at Rest,

When Mom Needs a Break From the Mundane

When Mom Needs a Break From the Mundane

She needed a break from the mundane.

Her night in shining armor knew this. He planned a quick weekend trip to the mountains, without the children, to find rest.

The first morning they laced up their shoes and set out to hike the area.

Down into the woods, they could hear the sound of music. They wandered toward it, trying to make their way.

Each step seemed to hold a thought. In a world filled with rushing and wanting, how do we find rest? In a culture that is dominated by loud, how do we maintain peace and quiet? Do we continue to just wander toward it, aimlessly?

At the top of the hill they saw a small chapel, where an elderly man was playing the organ. As they entered peace overtook them.

When You Need a Break from the Mundane

Many people sat in the chapel listening to the sound of music. God’s presence filled the small chapel and brought a sense of peace to all who entered.

They stood in the doorway, astonished. Pilgrims so in need of this peace.

People of all races and nationalities filled this sacred place.

Some sat and cried. Some sat in silence, not wanting to disturb what they felt. Each finding something they didn’t know they were looking for…peace. A rest for their souls, they didn’t even know they were missing.

Our Souls Become Depleted

Without even noticing, our souls become depleted from the rush of everyday living. We spend more time doing and accomplishing for Him than cultivating an intimate relationship with our Lord.

That day the two wandering pilgrims had been found.

So, rest assured, every time you feel lost, Jesus will remind you over and over again… you have already been found.

You can rest in a rushing world, when you are awakened to being found by Him.

Jesus brings peace to your weary souls, regardless of who you are.

All are found. All are welcome. All are needed.

He knows your number. He knows your address. He knows the very thing you are going through.

And there’s Someone willing to find you in the middle of the woods, in a small chapel, to remind you He sees you. He loves you. He knows you.

He willingly leaves the 99 to go after you (Matthew 18:12-14, NLT).

Because He knows your name (John 10:3, NIV).

Because He call you, “Beloved” (Song of Songs 6:3, NIV).

“…while the promise to enter His rest remains” (Hebrews 4:1).

Rest is an Everyday Journey

Rest isn’t something you seek. It’s not something you perform. You don’t simply add it to your to-do list.

Rest is an everyday journey of abiding in His love. Rest comes from awakening your heart fully to the Love of the Father, knowing His love is for you. Taking your exhausted soul to Him and allowing Him to breathe life into it once again.

Be willing to be still long enough to hear His voice, because He has never lost sight of you. Even through the setbacks, disappointments, and failures, He was right there.

When you dare to walk out this truth you can let go of striving and walk in complete peace.

“Jesus opened a new and life-giving way through the curtain into the Most Holy Place.” Hebrews 10:20

They walked hand and hand down the mountain aware,” And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep” Luke 15:4-6.

Mom, God Will Give You Rest!

Janell and Lea will be available to continue this conversation over on Be Remarkable Women, our private Facebook Friday community, whose focus this month is solely on moms. We invite your questions and thoughts. Mom, your voice is an important part of our conversation.

When Mom Needs a Break From the MundaneLea Turner is a wife and mother of four, three grew in her belly and one in her heart. She is on a journey of resting fully in the love of the Father by letting go of striving and walking fully in her identity. She has a passion to inspire others to work from a place of rest rather then strive from a place of anxiety, awakening them to their identity in Him. Subscribe to Lea’s blog, A Heart at Rest, at

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