What if your overwhelming emotions hold the keys to your success?

Dr. Alison Cook

Becoming Stronger Through Setting Boundaries for Your Soul

A big welcome to Dr. Alison Cook, co-author of “Boundaries for Your Soul: How to Turn Your Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings into Your Greatest Allies.”

There were many reasons I hoped Dr. Alison Cook would say “yes” to being on the podcast, but one primary goal was to introduce “Internal Family Systems Theory” and the work of Dr. Richard Schwartz. We’ve talked about so many, many things, but I’ve yet to talk about IFS on the podcast.

Dr. Cook and her co-author, Kimberly Miller, offer so many valuable resources on how to create strong boundaries for your soul:

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Internal Family Systems Therapy

One of the most important reasons I do what I do in all the ways I do them is to INFORM & EDUCATE you, dear Heartlifters, in the many ways there are to heal emotionally and mentally.

I wanted Dr. Alison Cook to help us understand Internal Family Systems Therapy because it has so much to offer. If this model interests you and you want to learn more, she writes a great deal here: https://spiritcare.info/author/alison-cook

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