“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

Pope John Paul II

Reimagining Miracles

The first time we met Becky Murray, we fell in love with both her and her mission on this planet.

A modern-day matriarch of her own son and hundreds of children worldwide, Becky is the Founder and President of One By One, whose vision is to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable people all over the world. They exist to provide urgent care and immediate needs for the vulnerable and they do this through:

Meet Becky Murray

One By One’s headquarters is in the UK, with further national offices in USA, Kenya, and Pakistan. They also have ongoing care projects in Sri Lanka and India and have done short-term work in Brazil, Uganda, South Africa, and Sierra Leone. They employ approximately 80 staff ranging from social workers, teachers, outreach teams, house parents, cooks, cleaners, and administrative support.

In this episode, Becky shares more about the power of saying yes to God and opens up a heartfelt conversation about the healing journey of her husband, Matthew, and how that miraculous season affected her own relationship with Jesus.

Listen here: Reimagining Miracles

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