I knew this year was going to be very interesting. As the mother of a college senior and twin high school seniors, I have ventured into a vast ocean of undiscovered emotions. Just today, I felt a pang deep in my soul, as I reflected on my son’s decision to attend Gordon College in Wenham, MA. (just outside of Boston). What were we thinking? I mumbled to myself. That is a long way from home. And then I began thinking of my oldest’s thoughts about teaching in Europe. Or working in New York City. Or attending graduate school in Boston.  And then, before I knew it, my mind turned to Brooke. Well, at least she will only be 3.5 hours away. She’s within hugging distance. Sighing deeply, I realized they were doing exactly what their father and I had raised them to do. Leave. Pursue their dreams. Follow their passions.

Well, dear friend, we’re just getting started. I promise there will be more to come (smile). In between mommy meltdowns, I will do my absolute best to share my heart. Hopefully, this “little blog of mine” will somehow shine light into your life. Together, we will navigate the ocean of emotions that motherhood brings. Just think, we are modern-day explorers, on the crest of exciting new discoveries! Will you share what you find with me? I will be waiting with bated breath to hear good news from you. Fair winds, my friends!

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