I didn’t dress in gray and black intentionally. But, somehow my subconscious decided to dress me. Two Sundays ago, Rob and I drove Candace Rose to Dulles Airport in DC to catch her flight “to the other side of the world.” All I kept thinking on the ride there was, “Why in the world did she have to meet all of those New Zealanders in London?” But, seemingly, God orchestrated her every step and so off she went to live in the land of the kiwis. After checking her in, we had a few minutes to sit and enjoy a few last moments. Perhaps not the best idea because just minutes into our repose, the tears began to flow. . . and once they did, there was no stopping them. All of the emotions that were felt when we left her at college four years earlier, flooded back in. Ugh. Poor Rob. Once again, he was there to calm his girls! To make matters worse, Candace called Brooke to say goodbye and then she started crying. Finally, Candace took a deep breath and said, “I’ve gotta go. This isn’t going to get any better.” So, after a dozen hugs, we let her go. Again. Glancing back, backpack and all, she smiled and signed “I LOVE YOU,” our little family trademark. 

As Rob and I walked to the car, hand-in-hand once again, I just couldn’t stop crying. “You think it would get easier,” I cried. Easier, maybe, but she is going to the other side of the world. I was so happy that I had made arrangements for Rob and I to stay in DC for the night. It was a little diversion that really helped my very, very sad (oh, how I felt sad) heart. We enjoyed a quiet, solemn dinner out, a little sightseeing and enjoyment of the beautiful architecture, a little sleep (I kept waking up and wondering where in the world she might be) and brisk walking down the city streets (actually one of my favorite things to do)! 

dscn0091 (Can you see the lovely SLIMFAST stain on the front of 
my jeans? Call me clumsy! I spilled an entire cup of
SLIMFAST on myself while breakfasting at Starbuck’s!)
Leave it to me!

dscn0088 Rob, on the other hand, did just fine! No spills.

So, two weeks later, I am here to say that letting go requires a great deal of strength. It isn’t for the weak. In order for me to have any 4WORD MOTION, I have to lean hard on God’s strength. The only way to navigate difficulty is to look to HIM, love HIM, and lean on HIM. I can love Candace Rose and let her go when I love Jesus Christ and let HIM fill me with HIS strength. 

Do you need God’s strength today? If so, LOOK TO HIM, LOVE HIM, and LEAN HARD ON HIM. He is there for you.


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