As I jumped onto the fancy elliptical machine at my neighborhood gym, I clicked on the television and stumbled upon the very end of Jim Carey’s, Bruce Almighty. Having never seen this movie, I was captivated by the last scene, so I listened. God, as portrayed by actor Morgan Freeman, looks at Bruce and instructs him to pray. Bruce rattles off a stereotypical prayer about feeding the hungry and world peace, until God looks at him and says, “Now, that’s okay if you want to be Miss America, but what do you really care about?”

In one simple word, Bruce states, “Grace.” Then, he enters into a beautiful prayer about what he hopes for his girlfriend (I assume), Grace.

I’m not sure why this hit me so hard. Perhaps it was the simplicity of his prayer or the real heartfelt cry of his heart. Perhaps it was the thought that one day I will see God, face to face, and years of faith will become reality. Perhaps it was the simplicity of God’s words to him, “What do you really care about?” Yes, that’s it. The crux of the matter lies at the core of our being.

I finished my workout, yet couldn’t shake those six little words. I kept asking myself, “Janell, what do you really care about?” Is it that new IPHONE you think you have to have? Is it news that your two book projects have been accepted by a big publisher? Is it a large platform for your ministry? Is it that adorable leopard print coat you’ve had your eye on for months? Is it a leaner, meaner body that makes you feel twenty again?

No, what I really care about is simple: my husband, my children, my family, and my relationship with God the Father, Jesus, his Son, and the Holy Spirit. AS Christmas approaches, Bruce reminded me of what I really care about and that prayer, real prayer, is simply a conversation with God.

What do you really care about? Take a few minutes to ask yourself this little question. It might give this Christmas season a whole new perspective.


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