*Special Note: I’m here in Chapel Hill, NC. watching my Brooke
play in an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament,
where the Liberty U DEMAX Club Team is rocking it! One more game to go.
It’s cold. Raining. Need I say more?
Love the call of parenting! (Hint of sarcasm, ay?)
For some very odd reason, I can’t upload our Fresh Word to YouTube.
I’ve never had this issue. It’s a good word, too, I must say.
So, hopefully I’ll figure out the snag upon my return and
get that to you tomorrow. I’m sure you are all SUPER BOWLED UP
anyway, so enjoy this worship moment until then…..

Being in the right place at the right time never felt as good as last Friday night. My church hosted three incredibly well-known, highly gifted-by-God worship leaders, who led us straight to the throne. Never ever ever was I so happy to know about an event. Tommy Walker, author of one of my favorite worship songs, He Knows My Name, just happened to be there. Honestly, I had never heard of him before, but boy, I know his songs. So yesterday I downloaded his newest CD, Pursuit of God, based on A. W. Tozer’s classic. I’m stuck on Track 2, “Earnestly.” Nope, can’t get past it. But today, while writing our Fresh Start Friday VLOG, I came upon this song, “Lord, I Run to You.” Well, I had myself a little church service right here at my desk. It is my earnest prayer that you might have one to. Wherever you are. May the Spirit energize you and give you the strength and stamina to run on.


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