Colton Dixon, one of the new American Idol contestants, sang this song on the show last week. I was moved. Quickly, I downloaded it on ITunes and
today I found him actually singing it at his home church (I’m guessing) where he must be a worship leader. Not sure, only surmising. I printed out the lyrics
and have listened over and over again. One line sings louder than all: How can I stand here and not be moved by You.

It’s Holy Week. We’ve spent that last 30+ days on an intentional, deliberate pilgrimage towards the aria of Resurrection Sunday. It’s been penitent, hasn’t it?
The sobering words of Amy Carmichael have been a daily wearing of ashes leading me to reflect on my current spiritual state. If I am honest, I haven’t enjoyed it.
I like good times. Celebrations. Fun and games.
C’mon, who likes to look in the mirror of God’s face in order to deal with the ugly sin of Self, who beckons daily to
walk away from God. What does God matter in your life, anyway? Your hurting and it isn’t getting better. All that prayer, heh. Give it up. He’s a visage. A high-in-the-sky kind of guy.

Today, Amy writes:

“If I crave hungrily to be used to show
the way of liberty to a soul in bondage,
instead of caring only that it be delivered;
If I nurse my disappointment when I fail,
instead of asking that to another the
word of release may be given,
then I know nothing of Calvary love.”

Oh, the sting of reproof. I am so guilty of
nursing my disappointments

and craving the show.
Yet, I know that I know the Truth.
Feeling means nothing.
Faith means everything.
When I fall, and sometimes its several times a day,
I fall at the feet of Jesus.
And, there, on my face, I find hope.
Jesus is my everything.
I will wear the ashes because He wore the thorny crown of MY sin.

What ashes do you need to wear today? It’s Holy Week.
May every step we take this week lead us to the Cross at Calvary, where we will find everything we need.


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