Beautifying Your Work Place

Winter has definitely been hard on this work-in-your-home girl. The walls seem to close in on me. For this reason, I started my whole “Have Eyes to See,” challenge. If I don’t find little things to bring light into my daily routine, I often find myself getting, well, a little down. Depressed. Hum-drum. Especially because I work at home. There is no change in scenery. I have to create it. Usually I take a walk and almost always, a snapshot of beauty finds me.

The High Calling: Beautifying Your Work Space

Adding a Little Twist to our “Snapshot of Beauty” Challenge

In light of our recent “Have Eyes to See” campaign, I’d like to add a little twist this week.

How do you beautify your work place? I’ll be posting ways I do this, so please take a moment and share yours.

Just upload a quick photo to and I’ll do the rest!

Have Eyes to See: Beautifying Your Work Place

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