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I love The High Calling: Everyday Conversations About Work, Life, and God.

It might be my favorite website/e-zine, due to its enriching, well-written essays and collection of conversations. Last week they had a call out for submissions about creating beauty in the workplace. I took a stab at entering. Why not. One of my New Year Intentions is to commit more time and energy to the craft of writing. Learning how to better my writing skills. Now that I don’t “teach” my writing classes anymore, I have to enforce a new discipline to study on my own. And truthfully, I’m not real good at that “on my own thing.”

So, I entered. I wasn’t chosen as one of the top five features, but I did receive a lovely note saying I’d receive a “link up.” To say the least, I was thrilled at even being considered a “link up.” If you haven’t visited this great site, The High Calling, take a few minutes to do so. You will find resources for strengthening your life.

Here’s my entry. I pray it encourages you in some small way today. AND, please send in your snapshots of beauty. One little snapshot of how you beautify your life or your work space,

When the Walls Start Closing In

The High Calling: Beautifying Your Work Space

The light of my laptop glared back at me. Another long day of scrambling words, trying to place them in an order that would not only make sense but would hopefully help someone. It’s often a lonely existence and one that gives way to those pesky twin agitators, Procrastination and Distraction.

This particular day, the walls of my office seemed to be closing in on me, as the clock ticked dreadfully slow toward yet another deadline.

As a writer and blogger, work is both passion and pain. The isolation of working alone, hour after hour, often leaves me talking to myself or to one of the many characters running around inside my head. Late one afternoon, it became clear that I needed a break. Grabbing my coat, I headed for a long overdue walk.

A few minutes into the walk, the crisp, wintry air seemed to whisper.

Open your eyes. Look around. What do you see?

Taking the advice, I started to notice: the radiant beams of the gloaming period painting a golden hue on the houses, bright green crocus sprouts standing at attention, and housebound retrievers rolling in the yard.

It wasn’t long before the glaze on my computer-fogged eyes began to ease off.  Several times I stopped to capture a picture on my phone—the beauty offering grand relief from the ho-humness.

Surely, I thought, if I feel drained after a long day in self-employed working-at-home land, others must feel the same. I had an idea. Within the hour, I put a challenge out to those sitting at their work computers: Have Eyes to See: Beautifying Your Work Space. Take time throughout the workday, to see. Really see. Notice the little things. I asked, “What beautifies your work space?” And, then, share your snapshot of beauty with the rest of us. It’s tough, when working alone, to simulate the energy of an office, so maybe this fun, creative challenge might help us all feel a sense of self-employed camaraderie. The challenge wasn’t limited to those flying solo, but to anyone needing to add beauty to their day.

One by one, or maybe I should say, snapshot-by-snapshot, we beautified our solo worlds. Brooke shared boxes decorated like a big pair of dice, filled with cheery red flowers that were being used to decorate a special event she was catering. Bob sent pictures of special pastries he picked up for the ladies who work in his office. Others shared, as well, and slowly, our worlds brightened.

The High Calling: Beautyifying Your Work PlaceSharing Brooke’s cheery handmade pair of dice
(created for a Casino Night, catered by Chick-Fil-A)

Snapshots are still coming in, so stay tuned. AND, please send yours:

Closing Thought for Today:

“The only thing worse than being blind,” writes Helen Keller, “is having sight but no vision.”

Having eyes to see has now worked its magic and I am hooked. There’s no going back. The computer fog has lifted and there’s a community of believers. With cameras at hand, we’re beautifying the world, one snapshot at a time.

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