Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

It’s a proven fact: good things do come to those who wait.

The ancient teachings found in the Scriptures have been talking about this subject since the beginning of time, yet now, research is actually proving it to be true.

For us skeptics, this is a great thing, right? We might actually believe the truth that time in the waiting room of life is actually for our benefit, not our demise.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

The Real Question

Remember how we talked about “why” being the gateway question? I’ve come to realize that why actually serves as a guide to the even deeper underlying questions. When we make our way to the place of welcoming God into our whys, real learning begins.

One of the deeper level truths I’ve come to learn is that good things actually DO come to those who wait. It’s been a hard lesson to learn and one I revisit almost daily it seems, but one that if heeded can make life so much better. Hindsight has gently shown me that MOST of the time, my plans and dreams and schemes are so much smaller than God’s. And when I say smaller, let me qualify that statement. I might think a certain job or position or platform or __________________ (fill in your very own plans and dreams and schemes) is perfect for me, when in fact, God sees that it is not. Instead, I’ve learned, that God knows that it might actually be bad for my health (as in causing me to overwork, overstress, etc.)

His plans and purposes lead to fulfillment, not frenzy.

I can’t always see that in my natural eye. I have to wait and listen for what I call, “a God whisper.”

The Power of a Whisper

Today as I was preparing to meet with several clients + prepare to leave for my little piece of paradise, I found this short teaching that I’d like to revisit with you. For me, it is one that I need to listen to again and again because:

  • I simply forget the power that is found in waiting for God’s leading.
  • I simply forget that God’s plans are better than mine own.
  • I simply forget that time spent with God must be a priority.
  • I simply forget that it is in the quiet time that I can hear God’s whispers.
  • I simply forget that good things come to those who wait.

I promise this doesn’t take long. I completed it myself in just under an hour this morning. I’ll outline it here for you and then wait to hear what God-whispers you hear.

  1. Grab your Bible and a pen/marker/red pencil or pen.
  2. Turn to Acts 9-16.
  3. Watch this short, five minute teaching: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.
  4. Print: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Timeline
  5. Read (honestly, I skimmed…) and follow how God moves in the life of Saul (converted and transformed to Paul).
  6. Carefully look at how ONE LIFE affected SO MANY OTHERS….Paul knew the power of the waiting room.
  7. Summarize this on your timeline.
  8. Then, create your own timeline. I like to call this “Rewind & Reset”—a time in your life where you were required to sit in the waiting room (i.e. endure a trial, etc.). What did you learn as a result?


Need more material while you sit in the waiting room?

The Benefits of Waiting on God by Micca Campbell

What To Do When You Are Waiting on God by Joyce Meyer

Wait Expectantly for God to Move by Rick Warren

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