Modern-day Monday

For so long, Monday has gotten a bad rap. Who really wants the weekend to be over? Monday used to mean back to school, back to work, back to the hubbub of the week. But, the Internet has changed all of that, hasn’t it? I teach online. I work online. I communicate/write online. And, sometimes, I even watch church online.

So, Monday isn’t exactly the same Monday of the past.

Yet, Monday still offers me something very special. The chance for a fresh start. And, if you know me, I happen to really love fresh starts!

I Value Productivity.

When I woke up this Monday morning, I decided to write this week a letter.

In my efforts to become intentional in this season of my life, I’m finding it helpful to write things down.

Because I am living in the empty, empty nest phase, which I lovingly call the Nu Nest Phase of Life, I don’t necessarily have to get out of bed by 6am. (Don’t hate. Your time is coming.)

Children don’t need to be fed. School doesn’t have to be taught. Traditional workplace isn’t calling.

The two-edged sword of  having all this space and time, is that I also have no demanding structure. For me, this is dangerous territory.

I do better with structure and plans and deadlines. Nature abhors a vacuum, so unless I give my current vacuum some kind of schedule, I won’t be productive.

And, I like being productive. Or should I say, I value being productive.

Each and every one of us has life to live. Work to do. People to love.

Defining good.Read and Reflect on Psalm 27:13

Dear Monday

So today, I wrote Monday a letter. It started like this:

Dear Monday,

Let’s have a good week.

Let’s put the past in the past and live in the present.

No whining. No wasting. No wishing. No what-if’s or whatevers.

No, let’s put effort and discipline and intention into (you fill in your intentions….)

And wrap it all up with a big red bow of joy and delight.

We have seven whole days before us. Let’s make them count.

Why Not Write Your Own “Dear Monday” Letter?

If you share your intentions, I’ll share mine (smile).

Let’s believe for a good week—and in doing so, remember that our definition of good isn’t always God’s definition of good.

Read more about that: When God Redefines Good



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