#One Sentence

I can’t help myself today.

I woke up with grand intentions to organize and schedule and write in the morning, because the afternoon is for seeing clients.

I’m making progress, thankfully, yet get sidetracked by a few really great sentences.

One sentence to be exact.

I’m known to do this. Get really enamored by a sentence and stop everything (smile).

When working on book proposals, book projects, magazine submissions, etc., I feel like a hunter-gatherer, as I peruse and scout for great quotes to enhance my work.

Today, I hit the jackpot. In an effort to not overwhelm myself—or you—I’m sharing only one. This is tough, as I love to overwhelm, so I am proud of myself.

One Sentence.It’s a dreary day here in Virginia, so even my desk seems a bit overcast!

The Power of One Sentence

Yesterday I shared why I go to Bible Study. I did my best to offer five great reasons, but simply forgot one of the most important.

I go for community.

Women, you and I, need each other. We need support, camaraderie, conversation, and friendship.

Last week, a sweet friend came up to me and spoke one sentence: Janell, I feel like God wants me to share something with you.

“Please do,” I urged. “I need to hear what you have to say.”

“I believe you are in the ministry of waiting right now,” she said.

Wow. She had absolutely NO IDEA that I had been spending the summer writing on “The Waiting Room.”

Right at that moment, another friend, walking by us at the time, suggested, “Janell, you should read ‘When the Heart Waits,’ by Sue Monk Kidd.”

Dear me. Two women. Two sentences. One encouraged, uplifted, grateful heart.

The minute I returned home, I ordered the book. Two days later, amazon.com delivered a life-changer to my door.

The tagline or subtitle of Sue Monk Kidd’s book really says it best, “Spiritual Direction for Life’s Sacred Questions.”

One Sentence

Do you have a Sacred Question?

I’ve been pressed with several sacred questions of late. Empty nest forces these questions upon you. Unforeseen medical diagnosis’s force you to face boundaries and limitations.

The do-er in me wants answers. The be-er in me is learning to wait.

“Creativity flourishes not in certainty,” she writes, “but in questions. Growth germinates not in tent dwelling but in upheaval. Yet the seduction is always security rather than venturing, instant knowing rather than deliberate waiting.”

Yet another, Wow.

Maybe, like me, you find yourself in “a ministry of waiting.” What are you waiting for?

Maybe, like me, you find yourself seeking security and God is inviting you to venture (check out, “Time for New Clothes.”)

Maybe, like me, you want instant knowing yet God is calling you to deliberate waiting.

Oh, I feel your pain deeply.

Let’s do this together. Spur one another on to the great plans and purposes God has for our lives.

Encourage someone today with one sentence that might be exactly what they need to keep on keepin’ on!

As always, I can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to spread this message around today!

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