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Living Beyond Your LimitsI’ve known Laura for years, but this past year I have had the privilege of getting to know her more. Every time I am in her presence, I feel so richly blessed. To be honest, she astounds me. Leaves me inspired to be a better person. To live beyond my limits–any limitations I might place on myself. Born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, Laura embodies the remarkability we talk so much about. To the natural eye, Laura seems disabled, but don’t let that fool you. In her mind, she is in no way disabled or limited or bound by physical restraints. And definitely has no mental limitations.  And that is what I love most about her—the sky is her limit. So without further adieu, I welcome lovely Laura and her beautiful blog post on living beyond your limits. I know you will want to know more about her, so visit her empowering blog, Start living beyond your limits, today.

Living Beyond Your Limits

Living Beyond Your Limits

Moving Forward, Beyond Limits

Two years ago I chose my first word for the year— focus. That was the year I struggled. A lot. I faced health question after health question with no signs of the answers I longed for. I barely blogged, but I learned to write in the quiet space of my journal. I had fears, doubts, and plenty of reasons to lose my focus. I did for a while. Deep down I didn’t want to give up on the writing though. I still knew that was important. God continued to press this desire on my heart. I just needed to learn a few lessons along the way.

Then 2015 arrived. Freedom became my word. I knew that year would be different, better, brighter. I was also determined to leave the mess of the previous year behind. I had found some answers and let go of other unanswered questions. They weren’t important anymore. I embraced the journey to freedom and watched to see how God continued to write my story. I could try to control things or live in my power, but the freedom comes when we accept what God gives. The beauty comes as we admit our weaknesses and learn to rely on God daily. That is joy. And freedom.

I’m a few months into another new year, but I’m excited to finally reveal the word for 2016. Forward. I sat with it for a while and I knew God was telling me, “This is your word. Forward.” A friend, Janell Rardon, gave me a verse one time in conversation. Proverbs 4:25-26:

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.”

She didn’t know, but I realized later…that’s my verse for the year. I have it on an index card in my work space. I can look at it every day and remember God is pushing me forward. He has been leading me the whole time, through the hard years and long seasons, and he will continue to guide, encourage, and carry me to a new place.

Living Beyond Your Limits

This year that new place looks like more healing, whole living, and seeing beyond my limits.

I started 2016 with a plan: Tuesdays are called “Taste Test Tuesdays” in my house. My diet is very limited for health reasons. Slowly I’m trying to add back some foods because these are the limitations I didn’t want to accept in recent years. That is a different story though. Every time I taste a food again and it works, I have to celebrate. Not too long ago I wrote these words in my journal:

There have been some great signs that God is at work in the details. This week we went out to eat…I love the fact that my diet (and health) are slowly becoming less limiting. Fewer restrictions mean more freedom and that is exactly where God has been leading me. He calls me to live in a place of freedom and write from there.

The health questions and the fears that came with them are no longer my focus. This is such a huge gift. The journey from here to there has taught me more than I could imagine.

One big lesson — I have to say NO to the fears and YES to an action step. Then I can move forward and hold on to the strength behind faith.

Fear wants to stop us. Faith wants to propel us.

Go forward, friends. With God. And the people he places in your life.

Join Laura and I over on Be Remarkable Women and Beyond Your Limits, our private Facebook groups, this Friday, where we will keep this conversation going.

Living Beyond Your Limits

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