Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
-Mother Teresa

Her smile lit up the room.

As I walked across the yoga studio floor, I felt drawn to this beautiful young woman.

“Your face is radiant,” I said. “Simply beautiful.”

“Ah, you are so kind,” she said back, while smiling even bigger than before.

“It is so true. Your smile makes my day.”

The Power of a Smile

What is it about a smile that can make or break your day? Something the dictionary defines as, “having a pleasant or agreeable appearance or aspect,” a smile seems so extraordinarily ordinary, doesn’t it? Yet, it holds so much power.

What Makes You Smile?The overwhelming bad news of late has sent me into depths of prayer and thought over the condition of our nation’s heart, our community’s heart and always, to my own heart.

Is there something I can do, we can do, that might make a real difference?

My conclusion? Look into our own hearts and face any and all truths concerning our own negative behaviors:

  1. Do I take the time to examine my own heart and life?
  2. Am I loving myself well, as the Great Commandment directs in Mark 12:28-34?
  3. How am I treating those closest to me? Do I live with 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 in mind?
  4. Does “The Golden Rule” actually rule my day-to-day life?
  5. Are there ways I can improve my verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating?

And, at the top of my list? Do I move through my day with intentionality and vitality, making an effort to look others in the eye, connect somehow, and ultimately, offer them a smile that radiates hope—regardless of how I feel on the inside?

What Makes You Smile?

Mother Teresa so wisely said, “Peace begins with a smile.”

Can it really be that simple? I think she spoke these words because she lived these words.

I want to do the same.

As we move through the weekend, let’s challenge ourselves (and one another) to move through our days with a smile on our face. I’m digging deep and asking myself, “What makes me smile?” Over on Facebook, I’ll be sharing my “Top Ten Reasons I Smile,” and hope you will share yours.

Fill out the info below, and I'll send you a link to download the PDF interactive guide, "Why Am I So Angry?" I believe that if you put in the hard work + intentional application of these principles + spiritual fortitude into this healing practice, you will move into a far more meaningful life.

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