“What happens when people open their hearts?”

“They get better.”

― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Healing Emotional Wounds

I was on my last interview of the day.

Quite possibly, outside of holding a finished book in my hands, the media interviews are my favorite part.

I love talking and I love meeting new people.

Most of all, I absolutely come alive when sharing rich conversations about how to become a better human and how to live a better life.

This interview was taking place from 6-7PM EST and because I needed a “landline,” it was taking place at our family business.

I was extremely nervous for this interview. Prayed up. Studied up. Held up by the love of many.

The host, Janet Parshall, was incredible and prodded me to dig deep.

During each and every break, I recited my affirmation for this interview, “I. Was. Born. To. Do. This.”

The Voices on the Other End of the Phone

Halfway through the hour, she invited listeners to call in.

Kelsey was first. By the end of sharing her difficult question, her voice cracked and I could feel her pain.

She was looking for hope and help in healing her emotional wounds.

In 30 seconds, I did my absolute best to help her experience the power of a heartlift.

Then Stephanie called. Her story laced with struggle and timidity and a sense of hopelessness, actually.

Once again, I did my best in 30 seconds.

Several more calls came in and I found my heart breaking a little bit more each time I heard a new voice.

By the last call, I had only one mission.

Help each and every listener hear this one life-changing truth: I have value, worth, and dignity.

I repeated that line over and over again, until I heard the light music playing in the background, cuing me that the segment was almost over.

When I hung up the phone, I exhaled. Loudly.

The voices on the other end of that phone took my breath away.

Served as yet another clarion call for the mission of my writing and teaching.

Reminded me how hard it is for us to share our pain, yet how necessary it is to do so.

Help & Healing are Only a Phone Call Away

These brave women took a deep breath and called into Janet’s show.

I don’t know how long they had to wait, but they waited.

Life is hard, isn’t it? Especially during this COVID-19 global pandemic.

I’m wondering, if today, you might be the voice someone needs to hear on the other end of the phone.

Would you consider taking a minute or two, to call someone and let them know you care?

That’s all. Just a simple hello that reassures them you care.

Let your voice help them experience their very own heartlift.

Janell Rardon Author

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