“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”

Richie Norton

I’m flying solo on this podcast episode, “The Power of a Summer Reset.”

And I am filled to the overflow with gratitude for Seasons 4 & 5.

Never in a million years did I think so many great men and women would say “YES” to being guests on the show.

Oh me of little faith!

The teacher in me felt we needed to catch our breath and start Season 6 with a good, solid review, which is what you find here in Episode 2.

The season opener welcomed Gem and Alan Fadling of Unhurried Living and ushered us into the right frame of mind for a “summer reset.”

Why a Summer Reset, Janell?

Reset has a couple of meanings:

  1. To set, adjust, or fix in a new or different way.
  2. In a computer or data transmission system, a reset clears any pending errors or events and brings a system to normal condition or an initial state, usually in a controlled manner. It is usually done in response to an error condition when it is impossible or undesirable for a processing activity to proceed and all error recovery mechanisms fail.

As we move “out of” this global pandemic and try to find our new footing, it is a great time to press the RESET button and “clear any pending errors or events” and “bring our ‘system’ to a normal condition or initial state.” In my RESET, I’m asking a few introspective questions:

  • What did I learn in the >500 days of isolation and quarantine?
  • What do I need to “shed” or perhaps, “leave behind,” or “let go?”
  • Do I want to go back to “life pre-Covid?”
  • How has my “work” or “ministry” changed?

And, I am reflecting:

  • What new practices help me become stronger every day?
  • What new rhythms bring more peace and joy?
  • What does my faith life, post-Covid, look like?

More Resources for “A Summer Reset”

Change Strips the Soul Bare
The Summer Season of Reset walks us through the nine tools of becoming stronger every single day.

Listen to Season 6, Episode 2, “A Summer of Reset,” click below:

Here are additional resources to enhance your Summer Reset:

  • The Art of Growth: a remarkable online “center” for Enneagram growth. Take an Enneagram test, Instincts quiz, and listen to their enriching personal growth podcast.
  • The Daily Examen: a meditative exercise you can use DAILY or WEEKLY to increase awareness of daily “consolations” and “desolations” and to keep you moving forward in your mental and emotional growth.
  • Unlearning with Meditative Exercise, “The Waiting Room”: designed to help you transition the tempo of your life from FAST to SLOW(er).
  • The Three Letters: Part 2 of “The Waiting Room.”

Fill out the info below, and I'll send you a link to download the PDF interactive guide, "Why Am I So Angry?" I believe that if you put in the hard work + intentional application of these principles + spiritual fortitude into this healing practice, you will move into a far more meaningful life.

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