When my heart is overwhelmed, I have to turn to God. His word becomes a sanctuary for my troubled soul. As I watch the news this Tuesday morning, I stare in disbelief that Suffolk, Virginia is the lead story. Who in the world could have imagined this type of tornadic activity here in Suffolk? Hurricanes, yes, tornadoes of this magnitude? Never. Driver, Virginia is five minutes from our old home in Chuckatuck, Virginia. Downtown Driver, a quiet street of quaint stores and dear people, totally tossled by this tornado. The general store flattened and destroyed.

Unimaginable destruction that took place in the span of seconds.

2 Samuel 22:17-19, 29-31 is my prayer for all those who awoke this morning . . . in disbelief.

“Lord, reach down from on high and take hold of all those who are suffering this morning. Draw men, women and children out of the deep waters of disbelief. Rescue them from the powerful enemies of confusion, pain, loss and despair. As they whisper discouraging words into their ears, may they ONLY hear YOUR voice of peace. YOUR voice of calm assurance. YOUR voice of direction. When the discouragement becomes too strong for them, may they humbly come to YOU.

Lord, be their support in the face of this disaster. Only YOU, Lord, can bring light into this darkness. Shine light into this painful situation. I pray that at every turn, those affected by this tragedy will see a ray of light in a helping hand. In a kind word of encouragement. In strangers who provide food, drink or a warm blanket of love and support. May the small things become the big things today. Send help. Send hope. Send healing, Lord. We acknowledge, Lord, that your way is perfect. Your word is flawless. You are a shield for all those who take refuge in you. In the face of the unknown, I pray that men, women and children will look into YOUR face and seek YOU with their whole heart. You are the ONLY one who can provide the answers to their questions. In Jesus name. Amen.”


Lt. Debbie George of the Suffolk Police Department commented, “I think the biggest risk is the unknown, we have power lines down, we have trees down, we have gas leaks and it’s dark, so people don’t know what they are walking into.” Doesn’t that say it all?

“It’s dark. People don’t know what they are walking into.” Darkness. Haven’t we been talking about this very subject over the past few weeks? Obviously, Lt. George is referring to physical darkness, but I can’t help but make application here to spiritual darkness. And, in doing so, ask the Lord Jesus to bring light to Suffolk, Virginia. My local church, Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church, is a breath away from the trail of this tornado. I haven’t heard news of any damage, but am certain it will be an integral force of help and healing. On Sunday, my pastor delivered a powerful message from Jonah, inciting us all to break out of our spiritual ruts. “Oftentimes, God sends unsettling circumstances to stir us up. To shake us from our spiritual apathy, our spiritual dullness, our spiritual sleep.”

Wow. Twenty four hours after this message, many find themselves in unsettling circumstances.

Please pray for all of these families who have been thrust from their homes. May God be their ROCK. Their DELIVERER. Their SOURCE of SUPPORT.

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