“A daughter may outgrow her mother’s lap,
but she will never outgrow her mother’s heart.”

Brooke and her two new roomies!

Finally, time to breathe. Not alot of time, though, as one more bird needs help packing before he flies from the nest this Tuesday. The last Tuesday in an August of Tuesdays. As you can see from the pictures above, Brooke has settled into her new home-away-from-home with great success. She is all smiles. Loving every little minute of life at Liberty U.  After a full day of packing, unpacking, sorting, hanging, nailing, arranging, rearranging, last minute shopping at a busy Wal-Mart (much to the dismay of her father. . .what else can she need????), and meeting RA’s, Prayer Leaders, Student Life Directors, new friends, and old friends, Brooke was all moved in. I was astounded by the cheerful young women who met us at the entrance of the dorm, offering help and bottles of water. Rob and Grant had eight young woman helping them carry our two car loads of “stuff.” I heard no complaints from Grant—at all. The entire process was rather easy—which took us by surprise. So, after a long day, Rob and I dropped Grant off at a friend’s dorm, and found our way to our hotel. We finished the day off with a dose of the Olympics and a great big thank you to God!

Early the next morning, Rob held my hand as I ventured to the Distance Learning/Graduate Studies Office at Liberty U, where I met with an admissions counselor. After asking a hand full of questions, I took a deep breath and enrolled for my first graduate class. One class. One toe in the water (see June 2, 2008 blog, “Toes in the Water”). It felt surreal. As I looked into Rob’s eyes for reassurance, he smiled. I can’t explain why or how this next step, this new feather in my empty nest, came about, but I do believe God is moving me in this direction. So, with trepidation and dependence on God, I am embarking on a new journey. The markers of my past have all pointed me in this direction, so I trust God and take the leap. Funny isn’t it? The book I have been working on for several years now, Freefall: Take the Leap and Trust God, was first and foremost for me. I am being called to live out the words I have been writing on paper. Writing to help others trust more completely in Christ. I was reading an article online today in which the author writes, “Faith in God is not some random blind leap of faith; it is belief in something we cannot see, yet which can be trusted on the basis of reasonable, reasoned through, thought-out evidence.”

Trusted on the basis of reasonable, reasoned through, thought-out evidence. God is real. God is completely trustworthy. So, when God call us to move in faith, he is not asking us to take a blind leap of faith, but an actual freefall. . .knowing with 100% certainty that he is who he says he is. Complete and total trust that our spiritual parachute will open and will guide us to a safe landing.

As Rob and I walked out of that office, I held his hand tightly. I knew life was taking a turn. We were entering new territory. A new phase of ministry, together. Sad on one hand, but very aware on the other hand, that God has special plans for us, as a couple. Now we will have time to nurture our marriage, enjoy life as a couple, and be involved in kingdom business. More on that later!

The rest of the day was spent helping Brooke navigate her new life at Liberty. She and I met with the Director of Disabilities and established a plan of action that will allow for accomodations for Brooke’s dyslexia. As Brooke and the Director discussed everything that would take place and toured the facilities, my mother’s heart rested. This was my biggest concern and God, in His goodness, showed me that HE loves Brooke more than I and had it all in HIS control. Right then and there, I let go. Privately praying, while they talked, I simply let go. And in the words of a dear friend, knew that “his eye was on the sparrow” and that Brooke would be fine.

Several hours later, after a good lunch and strong ice tea, we said our goodbyes. It was difficult to be sad, because Brooke was so happy. Three or four hugs later, I watched her walk away, tears filling her eyes. The ride home was very, very quiet. Grant slept the entire way home. Rob and I found silence a healing balm. As the day came to a close, Brooke and I talked on Skype. Her bright smiling face made everything okay. Nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie, she thanked me for the day. Assured me that she was fine. Thanked me for the letter I had placed on her pillow.


Now, it’s Grant’s turn. My last Tuesday is quickly approaching. He insists that I will have a major meltdown. I think he is actually looking forward to it. Time will tell. Until then, remember that God is trustworthy. If you find yourself facing a similar experience, where things are changing, trust God. It isn’t a blind leap of faith, because we KNOW for certain who we believe in. . .and He is faithful.


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