“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”
-Sam Keen

Lord have mercy, it’s been ages since we’ve talked! The last few months have been full to overflowing with “finishing work.” I am thrilled to say I finished my Masters Degree, my writing classes, and so much more. It feels GREAT to be done. I pray you are well and that you are beginning to find that “laziness” that brings “deep respectability.” I admit, it is very hard for me to “do nothing” and be okay with that, but it is the goal of my summer. Since we last spoke, I’ve added several things to my “52 Weeks of Being 52”:

  1. My daughter Candace and I made TIRAMISU for her birthday. I’ve never eaten Tiramisu nor made it. It was fun and DELICIOUS!
  2. For the first time ever, I attended the Boardwalk Art Festival. Why on earth haven’t I gone before now? Candace and I met so many amazing artists, especially an artist named Joe DiCamillis. When I stepped into his booth, I felt as if I was in the presence of a modern-day Steinbeck. A true artist. Candace and I enjoyed hearing his story and being surrounded by an out-of-the-box thinker.

  3. I have finally started formal work on my next book project. Stay tuned. Book development is always a process and boy, has this one definitely challenged me. Initially it began as “Waggle Dance: Breaking Barriers, Building Unity, and Bringing Joy to Others” and now, after much prayer and discussion with mentors, will be a book on overcoming/dealing with well-“mean”ing women in the community of faith. Having spent the last two years studying the power of healthy communication among women, I am ready for this challenge.
  4. And, another “new” thing in my 52nd year was the diagnosis of a skin cancer on my right cheek (actually the doctor suspects it is across the “saddle” of my nose), but first wanted to excise the cancer present on the R cheek. Anytime the “C” word comes up, it brings a certain sense of angst. Thankfully, I have a great doctor who assures great results. Being a fair-skinned, blue-eyed, redheaded woman brings certain consequences, but all in all, anytime one faces cancer, it is a sobering time of personal assessment. What really matters? Family, friends, and fulfillment of God’s call (John 17:4), which leads to today’s FRESH WORD FOR A FRESH START!

May today’s FRESH WORD speak to your heart as it has spoken to mine. Let’s take the next few weeks of summer to look at John 17 and assess Jesus’s last words here on earth. They are laden with rich content. Tremendous take-away value for you and I. As always, will you share your thoughts? Let’s take the time to really talk.

What’s On Your Plate?

Oh, and here is the simple recipe for my delicious PAPAYA-BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE:

1-2 cups of fresh papaya
1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt
1 cup of ice
1 tsp. of vanilla extract
(and, for extra juice, add a little cup of diced peaches, with juice).
Blend ( I use a Vita-Mix, but any blender will do).
Sip slowly. Enjoy every little ounce.

Until next time . . .

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