Praying & Pushing Back the Force of Evil

“Warning signs are only clear in hindsight” (ABC News).

Praying right now for everyone involved and effected by the tragedy in Connecticut this morning. What can we do? Pray and push back the darkness that is desperately seeking to destroy. Be men and women who love deeply, live selflessly, live in upright manner and return to God. This country must return to God and live by His principles.

“Oh, God, have mercy. Be right next to each little child and pour your love upon each family in that little community.”

And I continue to pray, Psalm 73:26 (changes are mine), “Their flesh and their hearts may fail, but God, be the strength of their hearts right now and be their portion forever. Amen.”

If you need to talk to your children about this event, I found this helpful:

Fill out the info below, and I'll send you a link to download the PDF interactive guide, "Why Am I So Angry?" I believe that if you put in the hard work + intentional application of these principles + spiritual fortitude into this healing practice, you will move into a far more meaningful life.

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