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The Practice of Kindness

Be kinder than you feel.

The Practice of Kindness

Nothing challenges me more than waking up with “practicing kindness” on my heart.

I used to tell my children, on a regular basis, that the world is ugly enough and mean enough and evil enough…we don’t need all that ugly inside our homes, too.

And we especially don’t need all that ugly in our family relationships. We can have disagreements and arguments and conflict, but we don’t have to be ugly and mean and evil in the process.

We can be civil. We can practice discretion. We can learn the language of love.

Keep Kind in Mind

Home ought to be a safe haven. Home ought to be a place where “keeping kind in mind” is written over every single door frame.

The Practice of Kindness

In no way am I saying we were a perfect family.

Oh heavens no. Just ask my children! Wait, no, please don’t ask!

In fact, if I could rewind and reset the child rearing years, I would make learning how to have healthy communication skills an even greater part of daily life.

*And, here in 2017, I would have been way more diligent about healthy communication during the tween and early-twenty-something years. I’ve learned SO much since those days.

Trust me, we have made many mistakes in how we relate to one another, but “Ancora Imparo,“—we are always learning.

Five Simple Ways to “Keep Kind in Mind” in Your Family Life

  1. First and foremost, PARENTS—you must make this your TOP priority in your marital relationship. More is caught than taught. You have the austere responsibility of modeling kindness. OH! I know, it is a big responsibility, but one that YOU have the God-sized capacity to give to your children.
  2. Once you have made this commitment in your marriage—extending it even further if you are in your second marriage (children need to see divorced parents practicing kindness and discretion, as well), have a good ole fashioned “come to Jesus” meeting with your children. Establish family guidelines for healthy communication skills.
  3. Get creative and make a sign (have children make posters) or order a handmade sign (check Red Letter Words) with “Keep Kind in Mind” or “Be Kinder Than You Feel” on it and PLACE IT IN A HIGHLY VISIBLE PLACE in your home.
  4. READ great children’s books on the topic of kindness. Use these books in your family devotion time. The practice of kindness needs practicing!
  5. Practice. For great, simple ideas, read this great article: THE PRACTICE OF KINDNESS

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