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The Practice of Discretion

Isn’t discretion a little outdated, you might ask?

One would think. In a social network driven society, where you can say whatever you please, whenever you please, to whomever you please—practicing discretion does seem a bit antiquated.

Yet, I think we need to dust it off and most definitely need to make sure, as the spiritual matriarchs of our families, that we leave a God-sized legacy of discretion for all who are following behind.

What Exactly is Discretion Anyway?

The Practice of Discretion

Discretion, in my terms, means knowing when to speak and when to be silent.

It doesn’t necessarily mean “not to speak,” (as I demonstrate in today’s video), but having the maturity and skill to speak wisely.

Oh, I assure you, I’ve failed a million times in this area. But, I am 100% committed to “Ancora Imparo,” (“Always Learning”) when it comes to my ability and capacity to be a healthy communicator.

5 Ways to Start Practicing Discretion Right Now

Because of my loquacious, verbose nature (smile),  I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to “my words” and “my comments” and “my untimely out-loud thoughts.” But there is one thing I know for sure, I learn from my mistakes. I hope my story informs your story and helps make your holiday gatherings, better.

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