There is no need to minimize problems. Suffering alone or in silence is a choice you make. It’s really true that in one way or another, we do all need help. But first, we must start with the premise that we’re all under-trained and ill-prepared, feel undeserving, and perhaps the greatest obstacle, have no idea how to really access help.”

Dr. David Hawkins

Why Marriage Counseling Fails

In my own work, I’ve been frustrated over why, at times, marriage counseling fails.

When I received Dr. David Hawkins’s book in the mail, I knew right away we needed to have a conversation.

In the ten years of my private practice, I’ve sat across from hundreds of men and women desperate to save their marriages.

When I can’t help them, I, too, find myself desperate and exasperated.

I so want to help.

Now I know I am only one woman but marriage and family matter deeply to me. I know they matter to you, too.

His book, “Why Marriage Counseling Fails: Is the Problem the Marriage or the Counselor,” is now the FIRST resource I ask couples to read.

Together. With a highlighter.

About Dr. David Hawkins

3 Reasons Why Marriage Counseling Fails
Learn more about Dr. Hawkins work at The Marriage Recovery Center

Dr. Hawkins, MBA, MSW, MA, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who has brought healing and restoration to thousands of marriages and individuals since he began his work in 1976. He is passionate about helping couples heal marriage wounds and rediscover deeper connections and intimacy. His areas of expertise include Couples Crisis Counseling and Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse.

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Dr. Hawkins is a true marriage Heartlifter. Listen to his heart.

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