There are some voices that do not simply drift through; they are more deeply ingrained. So much so that we make the mistake of thinking that the voices and thoughts are, in fact, us. But, as we were reminded from classic spirituality, we are not our thoughts, we have thoughts. These inner voices are thoughts, and we can learn to notice, discern, and respond to them. I have chosen a few common inner voices and have given them names so that we can take a more objective look at each one. We are influenced by these voices, and yet we have the power to befriend, integrate, and release much of the angst that comes from allowing them to take the driver’s seat.

-Gem Fadling, Hold That Thought: Sorting Through the Voices In Our Heads

Sorting Through the Voices in Our Heads

Meet Gem

It is a complete joy to welcome one of our favorite guests back to the show, Gem Fadling.

Gem’s newest book, “Hold That Thought: Sorting Through the Voices in Our Heads,” is at the heart of our conversation in this two-part series.

Gem Fadling, CLC, is a founding partner of Unhurried Living, Inc., a non-profit that trains people to rest deeper, live fuller, and lead better. She is a Certified Life Coach and a trained Spiritual Director who coaches women at the intersection of spiritual leadership and soul care.

Gem is the host of the I Can Do That! Podcast as well as the co-author of What Does Your Soul Love? Eight Questions That Reveal God’s Work in You, and author of Hold That Thought: Sorting Through the Voices in Our Heads. Connect with Gem on Instagram.

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