“Language like ‘being used by God’ may have been helpful at some point, but it can create the belief that we need to do something to earn God’s love. In reality, God created us because he loves us.”

Lacy Finn Borgo

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Living with Childlike Faith

Living with Childlike Faith

“The world we live in is hyper-productive. It’s all about being busy, achieving success, and ultimately finding purpose. But sometimes, we can become addicted to productivity and forget to simply be.”

Lacy Finn Borgo

Have you ever prayed and prayed for God to speak and then He does?

But, it comes in an unexpected way.

That is exactly what happened in my conversation with Lacy.

Her words, “When we use language like ‘being used by God’, while it may have been helpful at some point in our faith journey, it can create the belief that we need to do something to earn God’s love. In reality, God created us because he loves us. We don’t need to earn his love by constantly doing things for him. We simply need to be loved by him and focus on building a relationship with him,” pierced through decades of living with a “earn God’s love” mentality.

At that specific moment, her words set me free. Really free.

As I tell my clients all the time, we do the hard work of changing, and then suddenly, often unexpectedly, we realize we aren’t struggling with that issue anymore.

One of my clients labeled this gift as “a download,” from God. He honors our work and then lovingly sets us free.

Meet Lacy Finn Borgo

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Lacy Finn Borgo is an author, spiritual director, and retreat leader known for her work in contemplative spirituality and childlike faith. She received a Master’s degree in spiritual direction from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and has since written several books, including “Savoring God’s Word”, “Life with God for Children”, and “Faith Like a Child”. Lacy also co-founded the spiritual formation ministry, “Good Dirt Ministries”, which focuses on spiritual growth through family discipleship. In addition to her writing and ministry work, Lacy serves as the director of the spiritual formation program at Renovare Institute. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family.

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Living with Childlike Faith: What are Your Thoughts, Heartlifter?

“Spiritual formation is a journey of becoming more and more like Christ, with all the joys and struggles that come with that journey.”

Dallas Willard

This week’s podcast prompts:

Here you go:

  • How was my picture of God shaped in my life?
  • Does my picture of God need any reframing or reshaping?
  • Do I really know that God simply loves me for me or do I believe, even subconsciously, that I have to earn God’s love?

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