I want those sparkly crosses on my bum!

Once a Sparkly Costume Girl

After spending a whole beautiful day with over 200 collegiate women from James Madison University, my alma, on Saturday, I just had to share my story. Ready to laugh out loud?

Okay, two weekends ago, I went to hear one of my favorite speakers, Lysa TerKeurst. She was rocking the cutest pair of jeans. Their sales will soar, I just know it. I left on a mission—I wanted those jeans with the star-studded pockets that sparkle with great luminescence, especially under the bright lights of the stage. Ok, I miss creating sparkly costumes for dance recitals. I admit, once a sparkly costume girl, always a costume sparkly girl. Here’s what happened next. Just wrote Lysa a comment to share my insane search for the fountain of youth Miss Me jeans (don’t judge me about how much they cost! Smile! If the jeans fit this awkward body, wear them):

“Lysa, have to share something hysterical. Okay, tried to be you for one day! Went and tried on Miss Me Jeans.

Note: tried.

Trying to Be Someone Else

First, when I asked the saleswoman where they were, she looked at me, smiled, and said, “In the Junior Dept.” Ok, humble pie. Thought I would still try. So, picture a 51 year old woman in the Juniors dept. dressing room trying to squeeze her menopausal body into those junior jeans. Think I LOVE LUCY……I laughed out loud and decided to ‘let you be you and I will be me’— as my godly 20-year old daughter constantly tells me. Thanks for the reality check and for helping me be true to myself. LOL funny. Be blessed today and rock those jeans, girlfriend. They look MARVELOUS on you. Maybe I will buy a bedazzler and dazzle my misses jeans with a sparkly cross.”

By the way, don’t we just love the lighting in dressing rooms?

Really, all I wanted was that incredibly beautiful sparkly cross on the “bum.” Maybe MISS ME will create a line for the rest of us who can’t possible squeeze into junior jeans anymore (LOL!) Somewhere, though, in the midst of my dressing room drama, a tremendous sense of freedom washed over me. A real good sense of enjoying who I am, right now, as a 51 year old woman. So, instead, I found a $19. pair of cute jeans at a local store, with NO bedazzling on the bum, but I’m contemplating a trip to Michael’s (go ahead, smile!)

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